Xavier Admissions Viewbook

Project Details

Client name: Xavier University
Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Layout
Filled in: ,

Project Description

This is the biggest piece in the annual admissions cycle and is a common piece in college marketing.  Previously, the Viewbook was a large and very text-heavy piece that went to prospective students a month before they would even be able to apply.  The Admissions design team set up several focus groups with local high school seniors to get their impressions on viewbooks in general and some design concepts that we had put together. These focus groups gave us the following insights: they skimmed instead of reading, they were very aware that they were being marketed to, and that most of them were taking their time in making their college decision.  Out of this we decided to consolidate and categorize the information from the Viewbook and other pieces in the cycle, then compare the relevance of this information at the various points in their decision-making process.  The Viewbook became a smaller piece as part of a 4-part package that would spread the content over the full cycle.  Now the Viewbook is a broad overview piece that encourages the inquiring student to find out more about Xavier by visiting or getting on the admissions website explore.xavier.edu.